Custom Solution

Our laboratories can analyse, duplicate or customise any kind of formulation or blend to meet any specific market demand, at competitive prices.
With our product knowledge, technical expertise and creative innovation, we can help you develop your ideal formulation, with cost-effective processes.
We guarantee quality and consistency for all our products.
From development, production to delivery, we adhere to the highest standards of safety and quality. Every product is produced under minimum ISO 22000/2005 certification conditions and HACCP certified or pending.

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Our Main Products
We specialise in the development, production and supply of F&B ingredients in powder form, such as instant coffee, tea, non-dairy creamer and more.

Instant Coffee

Our soluble coffee retains most of the aroma and flavours from freshly roasted coffee beans.

Recommended Applications:



Cold Brew
Instant Tea

Our instant teas are not only tasty, but is satisfying and beneficial for tea drinkers.

Recommended Applications:

Hot & Cold Soluble Tea

Ready to Drink
Non Dairy Creamer

Our non-dairy creamer dissolves easily in beverages, making them tastier and thicker for drinkers.

Recommended Applications:





Sugar is essentially crystallised sucrose that sweetens dishes and drinks. It also improves flavour, texture and decoration.